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were transported to the hospital. one elderly woman, we think they are going to be okay. there was a third person taken off of the red line train because there was a power failure there. she was taken off because of anxiety issues. now as you say, they don't know what caused the power failures. they have people throughout the system tonight in case there's another failure. and at least this way they'll be able to respond quicker. but thus far, no incidents. they are still investigating. back to you. >> always something when it comes to the metro. lesli. >> fewer than 100 passengers had to be evacuated from that train. at the station, there was talk at one point of evacuating nearly 1,000 people. >> i'm surae chinn where riders are frustrated. >> i don't know. it's such a mess. i didn't want to take the train anymore. >> and lots of confusion. >> evacuated and trying to get the power back on.
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>> andy took this picture sitting in the dark train. >> no air-conditioning, no electricity at all. >> six car train was full to capacity with roughly a thousand on board. it would take metro about an hour to restore power and move the train 150 feet to the station platform. >> i could tell that more and more people in the train were having -- it was getting to them. i could tell ladies were experiencing panic attacks and people were beginning to get restless. >> anny is like many, who say they don't have the choice but to rely on the transit system. >> it really hasn't affected my trust in the metro system. >> at the metro station, surae chinn, 9news now. >> if you were on the red line, you felt the impact. check out these photos from twitter of people piling on the platforms. we aren't sure where she snapped this picture, but only
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one week took this one at gallery place. and karen 74 tweeted this from union station. we asked metro if there's a policy in place for days like today when problems hit other parts of the system. dan tells us taking steps like stopping people from entering stations are a judgment call by metro transit police since those crowded platforms are resolved as soon as the next train arrives. you can see more pictures at and today's problems were not just on the train. metro's busiest bus line runs along columbia pike and arlington and today a lot of those buses were delayed by a water main break. it happened early this morning between south thomas and south wakefield streets. repairs are done and columbia pike is back open tonight. >> an update on our breaking news from 5:00 p.m. a shooting from coolidge high school. matt jablow joins us with more.
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>> reporter: another in the hospital with a gun shot wound after shooting just outside the school. just about three hours ago. both students involved in the incident are described by police as being in their late teens. we are told that this all started earlier in the day when the two students got into some type of confrontation. >> our understanding is that there was a verbal altercation earlier in the day and that one student left the building, came back and that is when the shooting happened outside of the building. >> the student who was shot is said to be suffering from nonlife threatening injuries. police have uncovered a gun and not looking for anymore suspects. the board has adopted new ethics policies. this following complaints that board members spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on their travel. the metropolitan washington air force authority board
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reenstated board member, dennis, and approved an agreement to settle a lawsuit between martir and the state of virginia. the lawsuit includes his decision to take him off the board for his travel spending. reinstated, he is going to resign next month, so as not to be a distraction. virginia is getting nearly $75 million to improve high speed rail service to d.c. the u.s. department of transportation says part of that includes 11 miles of third track between stafford county and powell's creek in prince william county. you know, a comfortable chair here at work. that can be a wonderful thing. but how much are you willing to pay for one and how much of that aught to be passed along to the taxpayers? scott broom takes a seat at the table of the debate. okay, so i am faking sleeping on the job. a work chair with ergonomic
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everything. wheels to carry 400 pounds. even an air pump to adjust the lumbar. price tag, $1,200 each. that's chip jewel, the director of emergency communications in frederick county, and no, there is no one sleeping on the job here at the 911 call center. but there has been some second guessing about the chairs. here's frederick county commission president, blaine young. >> my butt sits in a used chair from a used furniture company. the average person, you say hey, can i borrow that $1200 chair? how much did that chair cost twenty years ago? >> a stressful environment. >> jewels department will be getting 24 of the chairs for just under $30,000. >> whatever we buy is used four times more than a home office. a normal office chair in this environment would probably only last a year. now we spent $400. so in four years, we have to
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spend $1600 for a chair that we could spend $1200 for. not only will it last four to five year, but it's built for the environment it's used in. >> love it. >> and so do i. in frederick county, scott broom, 9news now. >> you know, you might have to invest in those chairs. i don't know. the county commission president ended up voting for the chairs since the cost was covered by state 911 service fees. now turning away the grant would have cost the county money instead. so they got some really nice chairs. >> derek, get used to that one over there. according to the associated press, the d.c. government is taking a portion of workers retirement contributions for what it calls administrative expenses. but it's doing so without telling those employees. the ap says reports show the company that runs the retirement plan takes a portion of the balance and returns it to the city. it reportedly amounted to $212,000 in the most recent fiscal year. the money is supposed to cover the cost of overseeing the
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retirement plan. part of that cash pays for an annual audit by the accounting firm founded by jeffrey thompson. thompson has been a figure into corruption in d.c. government. d.c. police are investigating a bold home invasion attempt in northwest. along the 3600 block of 35th street. police say the would be burglar disabled the home's electrical system. the homeowner there told 9news he rushed downstairs after hearing a loud bang and noticing the power had gone off. >> i came running downstairs. the door had, what i thought blown open. kicked open by a burglar. who disappeared, i never saw anybody. i called police and fire. >> nothing was taken as far as he knows and no one was hurt. matt is a novelist and happened to be home working on a book when all this happened. doesn't look like lee will be moving to another home any
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time soon. the montgomery county state's attorney office tells 9news a county judge denied the convicted sniper's request for a global plea. that would have seen him entering a plea in exchange for being transferred from a virginia prison to a federal one. the d.c. council promises metro will extend its hours to accommodate nationals fans in the post season. will taxpayers be on the hook for the bill? that story and a lot more coming up at 7:00. >> we'll see you then. still to come in this half hour, after congress found the attorney general in contempt, the report is in on that failed operation fast and furious. top. >> and what a great night it is for baseball. we'll show you the numbers below average. 72 and 62 goes in the books. average is 79 and 61. it can get hot. record low 44. we'll come back and talk about how chilly it's going to get tonight. redskin raven weather, too. and up next, it seems everyone was on the campaign
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trail today except the presidential candidate. we'll be right back.
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both presidential candidates laying low today. some other important folks out on the campaign trail on their behalf. michelle obama made an appearance at north carolina central university. she rallied students on her husband's behalf while he attended meetings at the white house today. republican vice
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presidential nominee, paul ryan, wasn't far away. he addressed hundreds of supporters in danville, virginia. mitt romney did have a fundraiser in atlanta this afternoon and tonight he is slated to take part in a candidate's forum with uni univision. closer to home, maryland's governor is teaming up with the baltimore ravens linebacker who created a stir about same-sex marriage. martin o'malley is planning to attend a fundraiser in support of legalizing same-sex marriage in maryland. voters are going to decide the issue in a ballot question come november. the inspector general of the justice department released a report that criticizes federal agents and prosecutors in phoenix saying they were mostly responsible for that botched investigation into gun trafficking along the mexican border. that operation called fast and furious. the intent was to let guns pass into the hands of suspected gun smugglers and then track them to drug cartels. but federal agents lost track
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of 2,000 guns and hundreds of them turned up on crime scenes on both sides of the border. two of the guns were found at the scene where border patrol agent, brian terri, was shot to death in december of 2010. and late today, the senate signed off on a plan to keep the government working for the next six months. the budget extension will apply to every cabinet level agency and u.s. military operations overseas. the house passed the same measure last week, but unclear when it will come to a final vote as lawmakers try to leave down to campaign. >> still ahead, you can pick your seat when you fly, but you can't control how warm or cold you might be. at least not yet. what the future of flying could feel like coming up.
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eclipses can be fairly rare here on earth where we have one moon. on mars, they are twice as likely. and nasa's curiosity rover was lucky enough to snap hundreds of pictures during three different eclipses visible from the martian surface. later this week, plans to start chemical tests on rocks near its landing site. after two days, the space shuttle endeavor finally left kennedy space center for houston this morning. hundreds of people came out to watch the shuttle arrive on the back of a mad modified gym
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jumbo jet. that shuttle was able to fly in style for this final flight and you might be able to do the same the next time you catch a plane. german scientists designed a prototype for an airplane seat. it would allow passengers to control how warm or cool they feel instead of relying on that fan built into the ceiling. >> too warm and too cold and we have the same time. so we said okay, we need to bring the control over to the passenger to offer him some technologies so that he can be in control of the climate. >> or her. scientists say feedback from airlines about these seats so they can't say when we might see them on flights. well, i tell you what, the world's billionaires can afford to fly in comfort wherever they choose to go. tonight for the 19th year in a row, bill gates is at the top of that list.
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the microsoft cofounder has a network of about $66 billion. investor warren buffet is second on the magazine's richest list of americans with an estimated $46 billion bottom line. oracle is third and brothers charles and david koch are tied at fourth. in new york, you need to camp out for one. these people are waiting along 5th avenue ahead of the phone's release in stores this friday. but preorders are already backed up online and apple says those will not ship for another three to four weeks. there seems to be an app for everything these days, including one that will help you talk like a pirate. that can be useful today because you see, in case you didn't know, september 19 is international talk like a pirate day. the event first started in 1995. apparently when one of the founders injured himself playing racket ball and yelled
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arr. talk like a pirate. >> who proclaims these days? can you pick up a day and say i want mine to be, wear blue day? >> international talk like a pirate day? >> i thought it was national. i didn't know it was international. that's out there. >> oh yeah. all right, 72 was the high. we were 80 yesterday. our cold front did its job. let's start with a live look outside michael and son weather cam. it's just gorgeous. this is looking south from wisconsin avenue from our tower. you look in the right hand corner of your screen. you have to be looking at hd to see this. you can sort of spy some of the work that's going on. you can sort of see it. all right, temperatures down to 70. dew point in the low 40s. that's just fantastic. winds are settling down and the pressure rising a little bit. 30.13 inches of mercury. this is a nice treat.
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66 in great falls. one of the warmer readings, 69 up in rockville. 70 in college park. 67 in bowie. out to the far west, 68 in sterling and leesburg and 66 in hey market and 66 for our friends out in middleberg. another nice stretch of weather heading our way. chilly tonight, grab a sweater for the morning and see if you can get the kids to take one, too. you'll need your sunglasses and even warmer on friday. friday is the last full day of summer. for tonight, clear and chilly. open the windows, but not too far. 46 to 56. temperatures get cold enough to make it cold in the room, if you open it to far. we have mid to low 40s. 47 in gaithersburg. 49 in rockville. 49 in reston. 55 in arlington. 50 in college park and 51 in bowie. tomorrow morning, gorgeous. sunny with a chilly start. 40s and 50s. winds east at 5 to 10. you'll need a sweater early.
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by afternoon, spectacular. mostly sunny, high temperatures upper 70s. winds light, east southeast at 5 to 10. all right, next three days code green. green, green, and green. 78 tomorrow. spectacular. 81 on friday. great and then 84 on saturday. still nice. yes, we have showers, all be it light and scattered, but not until night fall on saturday. next seven days. sunday the first full day of fall will feel like it. low 70s. gorgeous for football weather. the skins, 1:00 game at fedex. you can watch it here on wusa9 and temperatures are going to be cool. if you're going to go up to the ravens, take a sweatshirt. that's the 8:00 start. that will be in the 40s and 50s. >> love it. game on both sides of 95. fedex is going to be on fire. >> i'm sure there will be plenty of adult beverages. nice and warm, no problem.
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the excitement building. we're just two days away. rg3's home debut. hear what he has to say. plus, one of his teammates has been receiving death threats. sports is next.
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and now, 9sports with kristen berset. >> after two intense and exciting road games that start
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the season. the redskins finally return home. robert griffin, iii, will get to feel what a sold out fedex field feels like this sunday. the rookie qb has dazzled us so far. don't be surprised if we see much more of that this weekend. the bengals defense ranks 30th in the league. their opponents are averaging over 400 total yards a game. needless to say, rg3 excited to get back on the field and see what redskin nation is all about. >> it's going to be fun. the preseason opener, you know, a will lot of people there. nothing like the regular season when things matter. fans are definitely going to show up. we're going to show up for them. >> wide receiver, josh morgan, has been fined for unsportsman like conduct. he won't say how much, but it was a penalty that may have cost his team the ball game. morgan threw the ball after being tackled. that moved the redskins back 15
6:26 pm
yards, forcing them to attempt and miss a field guard. he has been receiving death threats via twitter. here are some of those fans tweets. josh morgan should kill himself. yikes. retweeting everyone that thinks rg3 is awesome and that wants to kill josh morgan as bad as i do. really, folks? and finally, i could kill josh morgan, still angry. get over it, they have another game on sunday. nationals, dodgers playing a double header today after last night's rainout. a sweep by washington clinches a spot in the post season. the first for this franchise since the 1981 expo. we're on the right track so far this afternoon. jordan zimmerman on the mound. so far, cruising through six innings, striking out four. the only dodgers run came off a hanley ramirez rbi single. until the other zimmerman sends bryce harper home on an rbi groundout. the nats are up 3-1 in the
6:27 pm
bottom of the 7th inning. after the orioles epic 18 inning victory last night in which they exhausted their bullpen, they called in the top pitching prospect. definitely help out in the bullpen if needed tonight. time now to reveal our latest game of the week poll. don't forget to vote. woodbridge, middletown at frederick. go to u.s.a. today. high to vote. we'll announce the winner friday night on the toyota game night report. >> we have an action packed weekend of sports. >> the weather is going to be great. >> it's going to be like fall. >> football sweatshirt on. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> and derek is back at 7:00 with our area's only local newscast. don't forget to join andrea, mike, howard, and monica tomorrow morning starting at 4:25 a.m. >> have a great night,
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everybody. see you tomorrow.
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>> pelley: tonight, the issue democrats thought would cost them the white house is giving the president a boost. our new poll finds in key states, he's picking up support on the economy. reports from wyatt andrews and john dickerson. two high-ranking justice department officials lost their jobs today over a botched gun running investigation first revealed by correspondent sharyl attkisson. cops in arizona are now required to check the immigration status of many people they stop. john blackstone reports on a major change. and allen pizzey on an intriguing discovery that started a debate about whether jesus was married. >> and then jesus said to his disciples, "my wife."
6:31 pm
captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. there is a growing perception among voters that the economy is improving. and our new poll out today shows that it's helping president obama's prospects for reelection. 48 days now before election day, here is how the race looks. it takes 270 electoral votes to win the white house, and our cbs news election teams estimates 237 are solid for the president or leaning toward him. mitt romney has 206. so for the next seven weeks, they'll be fighting over the remaining 95 votes in the swing states. we're focusing on three of those states tonight in our swing state watch. in wisconsin, home to g.o.p. vice presidential candidate paul ryan. the quinnipiac/cbs news/"new york times" poll find that the president has tripled his lead in the past month from two
6:32 pm
points to six. he now leads governor romney 51% to 45. in colorado, the president down by five points last month now has a one-point lead, 48% to 47. and the president is holding on to a four-point lead, 50% to 46%, in virginia. and wyatt andrews is there tonight. wyatt. >> reporter: scott, good evening. here's the surprise in our poll here in virginia-- the president is actually beating mitt romney now in virginia on romney's core issue, the economy. >> i absolutely think the economy is improving. >> reporter: 20 miles outside washington in vienna, virginia, attorney amanda lipon schneider sees an economy on the rise. she supports the president and her optimism is reflected in the numbers. in our poll when likely voters were asked who would do a better job on the economy, mitt romney led by two points in august, but
6:33 pm
that's now flipped to a two-point lead for mr. obama, 49 to 47. >> i don't support the republican philosophy that tax cuts will improve the economy. so i-- i do believe that government spending can be reduced, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be spent on infrastructure, education, and health care. >> reporter: the president also holds a sizable 12-point lead among women voters in virginia with almost every obama campaign ad focused on women. >> moms like kristy would be stretched even more under mitt romney. >> my goodness, what a northern virginia welcome! thank you! >> reporter: but there is another side to the gender gap. the romney-ryan ticket lead with men in virginia by six point and their campaign is press, the message they can fix the economy. >> here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. >> reporter: charles fusco, a virginia voter and 20-year veteran of the air force,
6:34 pm
believes mitt romney has more ability to handle the deficit. >> his success in the salt lake city olympics, success as governor of massachusetts. and my disillusioniment with what's happened the past four years. it's for those reasons, primarily other that i'm looking for maybe a change. >> reporter: and here is an example of the intensity of the battle coming in virginia. romney's run, mate paul ryan, scott, has already campaigned here eight times. he's barely been on the ticket six weeks. >> pelley: colorado is another state that could go either wail d we also asked likely voters there who would do a better job on the economy. last month, romney had a 10-point lead over the president. now they're effectively tied. and here's a reason that some folks may be feeling better about the comple. real estate improved last month. sails of existing homes were up in nearly 8%, selling at the fastest pace in more than two years. and construction of new homes
6:35 pm
was up more than 2% upon so for the moment inaur poll and several others, prospects are brightening for the president. john dickerson is our political director, and, john, what are you seeing in these numbers, particularly in wisconsin? >> >> reporter: well, all the numbers are moving in the president's direction which is good for him. wisconsin was the one state romney thought he could make in-roads when he picked paul ryan. the numbers there, the president was up by six, and aides on the ground for the obama team said it went from 0-60. republicans are still working hard on the ground. but it look likes in this one place romney could make in-roads he's not doing it. >> pelley: john a lot of republicans were dismay by that secretly recorded fund-raising speech that came out on monday in which governor romney said that 47% of americans are dependent on government and don't take responsibility for their lives. today, the conservative columnist peggy noonan wrote
6:36 pm
this-- "it's time to admit the romney campaign is an inincompetent one. it's not big. it's not brave. it's not thoughtfully tackling great issues. of the john, you've been talking to prominent republicans today. what are they hearing from the romney campaign? >> reporter: well, the view is equally as bracing, and it's basically that romney has one last shot at best to stabilize his campaign. what the romney campaign is saying is basically governor romney will get more specific. that's been a complaint from various supporters. the other is that polls are getting better, that the president had a bump after his convention. that has now disappeared. and they say the economy is still weak and that's what voters care about. governor romney's had to assure supporters before that there are no monsters under the bed, and barack obama has had to do that, too. but with the election fast approaching there's not a lot of time for governor romney to be fighting on two fronts, with democrats, scott, and with members of his own party. >> pelley: of course, this is a snapshot in time. election day is seven weeks off.
6:37 pm
john, thanks very much. two high-ranking official at the justice department are out tonight after an investigation of a botched gun operation that was code named "fast and furious." agents of the a.t.f., the bureau of the alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, watched as guns purchased in arizona were smuggled into mexico. they hoped it would lead them to drug dealers. today, the justice department's inspector general issued a long-awaited report, and sharyl attkisson, who first broke the fast and furious story, has our report tonight. >> reporter: the justice department employees twho stepped down today are jason weinstein, number two in the just department's criminal dwition, and kenneth melson, the former head o a.t.f. both men issued statements saying they disagree with the inspector general's report which faulted them for mismanagement. overall, investigators say the review revealed a series of misguided strategies, tactics,
6:38 pm
errors in judgment and management failures. the inspector general said there is no evidence that attorney general eric holder knew about the gun running operation but it does fault three of holder's deputies. it was the murder of border patrol agent brian terri that sparkedly the outcry over a.t.f.'s investigative tactics. terri was gunned down by illegal immigrants in 2010. two aconclude-47-type rifles from an operation called fast and furious were found at the scene. atm whistleblower john dodson told cbs newshey been guns fall into the hands of the drug cartel in a strategy to see if they would let investigators to a drug kingpin. it allowed 2,000 weapons to be purchased by suspects credit there were no arrested and indictments until terri was killed. in all, the inspector general faults 18 officials from the justice department to the u.s. attorney's office in arizona odown to the phoenix
6:39 pm
a.t.m. agents who oversaw fast and furious. the report says holder was, in essence, let down by his deputies and although he received numerous briefings on fast and furious, they didn't specifically mention gun walking and holder says he doesn't recall reading them, anyway. scott. >> pelley: sharyl, thank you. glen doherty was laid to rest today. heas one of the four americans killed last week in that attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. mourners leaned the streets of dougherty's home town, winchester, massachusetts. that's his childhood home where the hearse stopped briefly. doherty was 42, a former navy seal. he was part of a security team for ambassador chris city ofeps who was also killed in the attack. there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the attack that killed the four americans. elizabeth palmer has been investigating on the ground in benghazi, and that's where she jones us this evening.
6:40 pm
elizabeth, we were told initially that the four americans were killed as part of a riot over that anti-islamic film that was produced in america that has caused so much unrest in the middle east. but what have you been finding out? >> reporter: most people we talk to,ing including neighbors around the consulate, say there was absolutely no demonstration, that in fact, the attack began when a group of armed men, as many as 100, showed up at the same time at both the compound's main gate and began firing, both with guns and also with heavy weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades and also mortars. >> pelley: are we any further along in figuring out who those men were and who was behind the attack? >> reporter: libyan officials are almost unanimous in saying they suspect members of one of the fundamentalist islamist militias, one called ansar al sharia.
6:41 pm
the trucial is they are extremely powerful and well armed, and one security official told us today that even if the government did decide to go in and arrest some of the members, they're not sure that wouldn't start a battle that the government couldn't win. >> pelley: and, elizabeth, you were telling me earlier today that you actually met with one of the men that the government considers to be a prime suspect in this case. tell me about that. >> reporter: well, the libyan president confirmed to us that this man is suspected of having had something to do with this attack. he came and sat down and had mango juice with us and said, "i had nothing to do with the attack." but furthermore, he said, "i haven't even been questioned. they may be alleging this about me, but if they really believe it, why haven't they come to my house?" so it seems that the libyan government is stalling, procrastinating, probably very nervous and hoping to come up with a plan that doesn't start
6:42 pm
a-- some kind of a really-- what could be a bloody battle here. >> pelley: a bloody battle among the various militias. elizabeth palmer, thank you very much. the leader of burma's democracy movement received the america's highest award, the congressional goaltd medal. she spent 15 years under how the arrest in burma in southeast asia. in the past years, the rulers have made democratic reforms and she is a member of burma's parliament. after the ceremony, she met privately with president obama. a new report today warns about arsenic in rice. who are the richest americans? we have the lest. and california here it comes. ""endeavour"" heads out on its final mission when the cbs evening news continues.
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>> pelley: starting today if you are stopped by police in arizona, you may be asked to show proof you are in the country legally. it is the most controversial proviks of the state's new immigration law, and barely survived a u.s. supreme court challenge. we asked john blackstone to look into what happens necessary. >> cruc was brought to america
6:46 pm
from mexico as a child, arizona's new law means she could face more than a ticket if stopped by police. >> sometimes when there's a police car behind me, my heart does start to race. i start to get nervous. i start to get shaky. just because i know that i can get pulled over for anything. >> reporter: police here are required to determine the immigration status of a person stopped or arrested if there's a "reasonable suspicion they are in the u.s. illegally." but phoenix police chief daniel garcia said no one will be stopped without cause. >> that's the point i think people have a tendency to forget. before you have really suspicion that someone's here illegally, you have to have reasonable suspicion, as a police officer that a crime has occurred before you have reasonable suspicion on the documenting a or not. >> reporter: is a crime not stopping fully at a stop sign? >> yes, sir, it can be that. >> reporter: chief garcia said suspects will be held by officers check with federal officials at ice, immigration
6:47 pm
and custom enforcement. >> the question how long are we going to detain them? i believe it should be no longer than any other traffic stop that occurs-- 10 minutes at the most. five answers, and we'll have an answer. if they don't answer, then we have an obligation to let that citizen go. >> reporter: but alesandra soler of the civil liberties movement said civil rights activists will be watching for seens of racial profiling. they say we can enforce the "show me your papers" law without racial profile. >> the real problem. law enforcement is saying trust us. we know better. we're not going to engage in racial profiling. the reality is they're ignoring a very real problem of racial profiling that we have had in this state for a very, very long time. >> reporter: federal authorities say they will answer calls from arizona officials to check immigration status but, scott, they will only take into custody illegal immigrant immigo are violent criminal or those who have crossed the border
6:48 pm
repeatedly. >> pelley: "forbe" magazine is out tonight with its annual list of richest americans. microsoft founder bill gate is at the top worth $66 billion. warren buffett is next, worth $46 billion, followed by larry ellison, the c.e.o. of of oracle. since last year, the 400 richest americans saw their wealth increase by 14%, and listen to this-- the net worth for these 400 americans is equivalent to 1/8 of the economy. a new report finds arsenic in rice but is there a health risk? that's next. huh? hey honey, back feels better, little dancing tonight, you and me? hey boy, you wanna go for a walk? dr. scholl's pro inserts with shock guard technology relieve different types of lower body pain by treating at the source so you're a whole new you.
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is out with a study on the levels of arsenic in rice. the average american consumes about 26 pounds of rice each year, and so we asked dr. jon lapook whether we should be corporated. >> reporter: the authors of the "consumer report" studies say there is now enough evidence for the government to take action. urvashi rangan worked on the report. >> we think that a standard ought to be set for arsenic in rice, as well as airsa nick in other foot that contain high levels. >> reporter: "consumer reports" tested a variety of rice and rice products and found very small amounts of arsenic. the government has not determined how much total arsenic intake is safe and the f.d.a. does not regulate the amount of arsenic in food. however, the government does set a limit for arsenic in water of
6:52 pm
10 micrograms per liter. the level in an average serving of rice racismed from 1.3-9.6 micrograms. arsenic is a known ca carcinoge, but there is no evidence so far these levels are unsafe. the f.d.a. is conducting its own intensive study on arsenic levels and rice. they say so far there is no reason for people to stop eating rice. >> the levels will we have found are within a range that does not pose an immediate threat to health. >> reporter: arsenic occurs naturally in soil, but it's present in fertilizer, which is being used extensively, may be contributing to the arsenic levels found in rice. >> pelley: jon, you just mentioned in your report the level of arsenic found in rice is less than the allowable limit in water. so what's the big deal? >> reporter: remember, though, that's for a single average portion and a lot of us-- okay, me-- eat a lot more than the average when we have a portion. okay. the bottom line here is the f.d.a. is not setting a standard for what's a safe amount of
6:53 pm
arsenic in food and until they to that, scott, there's going to be a ton of confusion. they're studying the issue, and i suspect there are going to be some changes. >> pelley: jon, thank you very much. the space shuttle "endeavour" took off today on one last mission flying piggyback on a 747 that left the kennedy space center in florida and landed a few hours later in houston, where flight controllers had guided it through its 25 trips in space. oned from, "endeavour" will head to los angeles and its new home, the california science center. was jesus married? a scrap of evidence enters the debate, but how significant is it? that story's next.
6:54 pm
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don't ignore dry mouth... look for biotene in your oral care section today. this has been medifacts for biotene. >> pell >> pelley: finally tonight, most of what we know about jesus comes from the new testament, and it says nothing about marital status. but a few words written long after jesus' death. alan pizzey tells us they started a debate about whether jesus had a wife. >> reporter: it's no bigger than a business card, but this tattered piece of papyrus, written in the fourth century, contains some intriguing phrases. >> and then jesus said to his disciples, "my wife." and in the next sentence he says, "she is able to be my
6:57 pm
disciple." >> reporter: harvard divinity school professor karen king said the phrase "my wife" and the idea jesus may have had a jesus disciple have not appeared before in a historic writing. king was given the fragment by an anonymous collector and while she is convinced the translation is accurate, she's not about to rewrite the story of jesus. so you don't conclude from this that he was married. >> we conthriewd clooud from this we still tonight know if jesus was married or not. this is not evidence in one direction or the other direction. >> reporter: but if it's true it will add fire to old debates, whether married men can be priests and the role of women in the church. catholic doctrine holds that only single men can be priests in part because of the model jesus set. and in fjesus had a female disciple, that, too, could change conventional thinking. >> i expect this to be not last word but the first word, and, indeed, discussion is already beginning about the meaning of this, its significance, its police in the history of
6:58 pm
christianity and i suspect that guilty on for many years to come. >> even though there are only 14 words, papyrus expert is convinced it it is all then thetic. she helped examine the fragment. >> we were very careful becau we know the stakes were very high, and we knew that people were going to ask questions about historical jesus, and we wanted to be very careful that we were not falling in a trap. >> reporter: as for reaction from the vatican, the papal spokesman told us, "let the scholars say and think what they like. the church stands by its tocchet can rin, which goes back to the earliest christians." trlz-- jesus was a bachelor. alan pizzey, cbs news, rome. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
6:59 pm
this is 9news now. >> there was no power in the train. it was really hot and people, some of them wanted to evacuate. >> two separate power outages on the metro have passengers outraged and officials keeping a close eye on the trains tonight. it was just a miserable morning commute for thousands of affected red line passengers. and as bruce johnson explained, metro still has no idea what caused the problems. >> this evening, metro has extra personnel on board at the two power stations that failed and elsewhere in the system just in case of trouble. >> some concerns, it could happen again. >> it could happen again. we can assure folks, our response would be much, much faster. our personnel are already there. >>

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